OMAR Constructora | La Victoria Sports Centre
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  • Centro Deportivo La Victoria
  • Centro Deportivo La Victoria
  • Centro Deportivo La Victoria
  • Centro Deportivo La Victoria
  • Centro Deportivo La Victoria
  • Centro Deportivo La Victoria
  • Centro Deportivo La Victoria
  • Centro Deportivo La Victoria
  • Centro Deportivo La Victoria
  • Centro Deportivo La Victoria
  • Centro Deportivo La Victoria

About This Project

La Victoria Sports Centre


It is a non-residential building used for teaching purposes which is located on the plot of land that occupied the former “La Victoria” municipal swimming pool in Jaén between Calle Bernardo Ruiz Cano and calle Virgen de la Cabeza.

The building is a 5 storey building with a constructed surface area of 9,150.75 m2.2.

The project in general consists of the construction of a Sports Centre with three differentiated activity packages:

Water Area: : Ground floor: This floor is supplemented with changing rooms, offices and a cafeteria.
Area for inherent Gym activities::First Floor
Sports tracks located outdoors, in the area of the building’s roof:Covered Floor
Supplementing the building there is a floor intended for a garage (Basement 2) and another floor which houses all the building facilities (Basement 1)

On the roof floor, along with the sports courts, there are large air conditioning and dehumidification machines for swimming pools. These are perfectly integrated between sports tracks without one being made aware of their existence.

The building has a false micro-perforated corrugated sheet façade, which protects against heat and cold. In other façade areas one finds the same solution but with concrete panels of reduced thickness and with holes called Omega Z.

In order to create a building with large rooms and an interior sports swimming pool, the situation required resorting to the use of a type of post-stressed concrete structure (large bridge framework). These slabs have a 68 cm edge and obtains lighting without pillars of up to 19m.

In the interior of the building there is easy access (communication) between the different rooms or floors. Access is easily legible due to a streamline, large and easy to understand signage. Within the building, a wide variety of cladding has been used, which creates a comfortable and friendly atmosphere, that also helps to distinguish each of the existing uses in the different rooms or floors.

The foyer of the building combines the reception area and the cafeteria. It is made up by a large sheets of glass, having a direct view of the swimming pool and rooms on the first floor. The cafeteria is separated from the reception area with certain marked glass sheet. The entire set has direct lights from the façade of the first floor and roof, which reflects onto the ground floor through certain gables windows with flat geometric shapes.



Construction there of La Victoria Sports Centre


C/ Virgen de la Cabeza (Jaén)


Centro Deportivo Puerta Palma, S.L.


Esperanza Lozano Fernandez y Alfonso Mollinedo Sáez